Sunday, June 29, 2008

Deciding what "learning" is...

Yesterday, when I was having tea with a friend, she told me about a cool website, Pandora. This brought up some thoughts for me that have been stirring around in my head for a bit. The thought was, "What am I going to consider to be learning?" Now, using Pandora as an example, I had not heard of this site before, and now know if it, but would I actually consider it to be learning? After thinking on it for a few days, I think it is more so a "discovery". Sure, I have knowledge that I did not have before, but I think what I am after is actually learning something... um.. more so on the factual part. Hmmm... that is not such a great explanation, but somewhere, for me, there is a gray line that I and going to draw in the sand as to what learning is.

So for now, as I warm up to the year of learning in 2009, I will go after information that is something I will remember - after all, I will have had to have "learned" it and not just been introduced to it. The information will have to also be... well, I guess significant and interesting to me in some way.

Now that is well, sorta settled, I am going to have to start figuring out a better way or discipline of recording my new daily learnings. I am getting better at recognizing them, and the game of it is fun, though I am probably tiring my friends with it, but I need to learn to stop and blog or note or something....

On a side note, I am testing out Pandora now and it is pretty cool!! :)

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