Monday, September 26, 2011


I was able to visit the Tim Burton exibition this weekend.  I don't go to galleries enough to suit my wants, so when I do go it is a real treat.  This show was interesting as it hung a lot of Burton's sketchings and notes, along with some of the props from some of the movies he has worked on.  While none of it was 'high art' in my book, they were fun to look at and I can appreciate that LACMA chose to hang the work on their walls for a period of time.  Based on the crowds that were present during my visit, it is easy to see I am not the only person who is interested in seeing the work of a highly successful man.  I guess it just goes to show what  a person can do if he/she has the right drive, at the right time, in the right location, with the right connections... and maybe a little luck.  I am grateful for galleries and that my life allows me enough leisure time that I may attend showings.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Audio books, I am grateful for audio books.  This goes hand-in-hand with also being incredibly grateful for being able to download a great variety of audio books from my public library!  Not only is the process convenient, it is free... two of my favorite things right now.  Who am I kidding, I have always love convenient and free.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The alarm I speak of is not so much the one that jolts one awake from a dead slumber, though with my dream of being attacked by a black panther this morning, even that alarm may have been a welcome.  No, instead, I mean the alarms on my phone that attempts to keep me honest and aware of what I should be doing and when I should be doing it.  I want my word to always remain as impeccable as possible, and staying on schedule is part of this. So today, I am grateful for my electronic alarm.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Time Slipping Away

Oughf, when I started this project, I did expect I would miss some days posting, but I did not expect that I would start missing them so quickly.  Ah, that is life.  As I am out to attempt to create more appreciation in my life, I refuse to feel poorly for missing posts these last two days.  This is not to say that I did not think of posting, on the contray.  I just did not stop to put the thought into action.

Had I posted on Sunday, I would have posted that I was (and still am) grateful for a clean kitchen.  I dedicated five hours on Sunday to do a thorough spring... er, fall cleaning of my kitchen which allowed me to take everything out of the shelves, wipe them and the shelf down and replace in to a more orderly fashion.  I love it when my life if more organized and wonder why I don't stop to do it more often.

Yesterday I would have posted that I am grateful for being able to attend a  great new exercise class by Dr. Michael Huan.  It was like no other I have attended. While we were doing little movements, I was sweating.  We then used foam rollers to straighten out the muscles again.  I thought I would be more sore today, but am surprisingly not.

Today, I am grateful that I have a garden at work I can plant in.  I plan to put in lettuce today and see what else would be good to start growing this time of year.  

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Quiet Mornings

I am up early this Saturday morning.  I am up for a morning run?  Not yet, maybe one day, but not today.  Today I am up early so that I can get some work out of the way.  I need quiet to work and early mornings are great for this.  :)  I am grateful for early mornings as this will allow me me more time with my honey later.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gratefully Continuing On

I stayed up late last night working.  I seem to be doing this a lot these days.  It would be easy for me to be grateful for all the jobs I have, and I am grateful, but today's post is about being grateful for a flexible schedule.  I am grateful my husband does not challenge me about how much time I spend working and I am grateful that if I need to sleep in the next morning to recover from the night before I often can.  This is a luxury, I am aware of it, and very grateful for it.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Being Grateful

Being grateful... that is such an odd word - grateful.  I have always thought it would be better suited to be spelled like 'greatful.  Instead, it sounds like I/we should be full of grate.  I just looked it up online and grate is:

Verb: Reduce (something, esp. food) to small shreds by rubbing it on a grater.
Noun: The recess of a fireplace or furnace.  (Thank you

Hmmm... I am not sure I want to reduce the great things in my life, though I certainly could do with less.  Maybe I can see the word as simplifying my day down to one thing that I am grateful for.  One thing that I want to rub on this board. Or one thing that I find recessing in all that is around me.  Something that I can shine a light on.  This board will be an experiment in being grateful, thankful, and just give my life a broader, recognized appreciation for all that goes on around me.

Whew, OK, with all that said, today I am grateful the body repairs itself.